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Conversation Between Porcelaine and RyuTama

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  1. Why, I'm daddy, of course. :3


    Absolutely fabulous.

    And Daddy needs his coffee, mjeas~?
  2. ...

    What are you? ...
  3. Not at all.

    I just... appreciate it. ^____^ And I look like this when I don't have any:

    Or this:

    Or sometimes this:

    But they're all perfectly reasonable reactions, no? Poor Mommy (SuXrys) has to deal with me when I'm caffeine deprived though. ;_;
  4. OMG~~ ><
    How addicted to coffee are you? O__O

    I hope you have a good one! ^_^

    ...If you get any Starbucks gift cards, hook me up, ja? =D
  6. Merry X-mas~!
  7. thanks for accepting my friend request do you watch Hitman reborn?
    watch this XD
  8. But of course. Anytime. ^^

    So you were saying you liked comedies? Does Ouran High School Host Club or Axis Powers Hetalia fit in there at all? =DD I also like the supernatural/fantasy anime too. Not much of a fan of mecha anime though. o.o
  9. Thx a lot
    can we be friends?
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