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Conversation Between Porcelaine and sabishii1/2

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  1. Merry Merry Merry X-mas~~!!!
  2. reather sexy than cute LOL XD
  3. Nope... I just find cute that's all
  4. Then, is the pic for defense or something? :P
  5. ahahaha In reality people tend to bite me rather me biting them
  6. you know, your avatar's really......
    no one bites, BUT YOU!
  7. ahaha History... at first I hated History too but in the end I find it quite interesting......
  8. Ha.. Thanks for that XD
    But i always burn the midnight oil..
    It's ok for me good grades come easy -- Yup, but i regreted. i'm not good at memorizing things History i hated most
    So thanks for the advice!
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