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Conversation Between Porcelaine and tesaamari

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  1. oops thanks
    wasn't able to greet ya earlier...
    well i think it's not too late to greet ya a happy new year

    i didn't attend my first class this day

    my mom got mad at me earlier and i cried a lot!
    i don't want to attend my class with teary eyes of course >.<
  2. Thanks!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas for tomorrow
    AND a Happy New Year when you're back! XD
  3. half chinese? cool~
    i'm doing great now.

    advance merry christmas Innocence X
    i might be busy tomorrow and might not be able to greet you
  4. How are you?
    i'm from U.K.
    a half-chinese XD
  5. sure, thanks for the request
    nice meeting you Innocence X...
    from where are you? i'm from the philippines :P
  6. Hi! Wanna be friends?
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