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Conversation Between DenjaX and RyuTama

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  1. Why'd you like my post where Levi killed Eren? LOL
  2. Oh I see. That's cool, my game probably won't start for at least another week or so anyway, so I don't think she'll need to rush. x3
  3. She's moving so it will take some time for her to settle and use PC xDD She's doing fine and will host Magi after. I'll tell her that you are hosting AoT game xDD She might make the time for it.
  4. So what all has Ribbon been up to lately? Haven't seen her online in ages. o.o If you could both join my game that would awesome.
  5. it will be fun. i guess ill post mention for more people to join. the more the merrier. and more bad ends for killed people :3
  6. I read the warning about it, but I just couldn't help myself. xD; I was pretty sure it would lead to a wrong end anyway, but holy crap son. My soul wasn't ready for that. @[email protected]

    And I'll probably be the one to get killed by it in your game.

    I'm excited for the Search or Die system again. I was planning on having it in my game too, but I think it would lead to too many deaths too early in the game. xD;
  7. curiosity killed the Ryu eh xDD

    ill put that memoir in the game :3
  8. So I played the original first. Then I started playing "Blood Covered - Repeated Fear" for the PSP.

    I'm not even at chapter 3 yet.. but dude..

  9. I hope you're doing okay. =o Thanks for playing my Wolf btw. ^^
  10. Which one are you talking about? I change my avatar/signature a lot xDD If you are talking about my current one its from the cute romance show called Acchi Kocchi xDD
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