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Conversation Between shiningeevee23 and SuXrys

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  1. Ofc I am

    So, how does the forum seem to you so far?
  2. ok you are my secondary master but olny because you found my second weakness
  3. continued message ~

    The way on becoming a pokemon master is really challenging you'll know... *sobs*

  4. "Catch"? You are making it sound like such a bad thing to do... Maybe I just wants to tackle you and snuggle you with as much love as I possible can!

    And come ooooooooon! I really want to become the worlds greatest pokemon master! For that I need to catch my own pokemon! How can you possible deny me *looks at you with cute and wet kitty eyes* Come on.... prrrrrr? ~~

  5. you continue to try to catch me thats why
  6. Why do you growl at me? What can I possible have done to deserve this harsh treatment?

  7. *Comes out of pokeball and growls*
  8. *throws a pokeball*
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