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Conversation Between Kazama1990 and SuXrys

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  1. Anime wedding? Was it a real wedding?

    Nah, I have never been to one actually. :/ Don't think it looks like I will ever go to one either, lol. x))
    So the Hao costume worked out? How did you end up doing with the shoes?
  2. I thought you were talking about making the bubble wrap by yourself *face palms myself* xD No, I didn't make the picture myself. I found it on memebase.
  3. Make them yourself? O___O I didn't even knew you could do bubble plastic like that yourself. O__o That are those plastic things with bubbles in them that often are in packages that you'll get my post. Did you manage to fix some Hao shoes? :o You'll be having a GREAT time there and don't worry about your confidence, im sure everything will go just splendid for you!
  4. lol nice picture, do you make them yourself or do you just collect on your computer till a chance pops up to use em lol

    right now im getting my work done for the weekend so i dont have to worry about it this weekend at the con ^_^ should be great at least I hope it is just need to get my confidence up so I can get to know people up there
  5. Lol, yeah it can be hard to find. x)) What are you up to right now? Im popping bubble wrap! Got a delivery yesterday but I have barely even looked at the stuff I ordered, Im faaaar to busy with popping the bubble wrap at the moment! xD Bubble wrap is a underastimated pleasure!

  6. lol thanks for letting me know was looking all over for a reply button before i noticed that 2cd sentence lol, its alright besides talking to you iv had a few interesting moments with others and gamergeek helped me out with something ^_^ thanks for asking
  7. How does the forum seem this far?

    click on 'view conversation 'and write there if you want to answer
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