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Conversation Between aerophobia and Sizary Momo

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  1. i love this is war!that video
    was awesome by the way.i also
    like this one.
  2. hmm yeh i like that one. i watched some bleach amvs earlier but i just like them as much as that one. still like mine better though :P

  3. this is my favorite.
  4. Oooo, ummm... I have no idea lol...i dont watch that many I guess and I cant think of em off the top of my head
  5. well what's your
    favorite amv?
  6. Well... Not any that I can think of.. Sry lol
  7. videos like the one
    i watched.
  8. Videos like that? Or just any videos at all?
  9. i'm fine going to hang out with
    my aunt later you know
    any other videos that are funny?
  10. Goooood. Im watching an anime called "spice and wolf" right now. Ty for asking, how are you? I do believe I have not met you yet. P.S. I know that video your profile pic is from lolol
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