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Conversation Between aerophobia and battousai_ryuu

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  1. Ah, that's kinda depressing. I was hoping for there to be a few more "free" thinkers out there.
  2. nah, not really. just like... " for thought" and like" i love finding inspirational videos like this"... stuff like that, nothing special lol
  3. Nice! any comments worth sharing?
  4. yeh, got a couple likes and a couple comments. Its a very powerful video. you have a good day as well :P
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. By all means share the video.
    I stumbled across it months ago and it has stuck with me ever since.
    Have a good one ^-^
  6. that video is amazing.. and your whole post overall...but i totally STOLE that video from you and put it on my facebook! even though its super late here and alot of people probably wont notice it...
    and that person is ignorant, i dont remember the name (and im too tired to check) but you know who im talking about.. im too tired to type much now but that was awesome everything you pointed out and posted, i was just checking this forum before i finally went to sleep though :P
  7. Thanks for the like on my post!
    I appreciate it bro ^_^;
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