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Conversation Between Negative Ink and Sighanide

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  1. Well, my brother got a prosthetic today. he's getting used to walking again.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll see what i can do.
  3. Oh I can only imagine, but experience says that it is generally better to get such settled early. I can't really tell of your situation so I cannot advice, but family is family and that comes first so if possible I know I'd set it up.

    Though, that being said, generally speaking, attitude and personality can go a long way in landing the job interviews. Hard times all over, but not impossible. I'd ask a lawyer what kind of health benefits or arrangements would be possible to level out the price as reasonably as it could be, as there tends in general to be a jungle of money that's not really open to those who don't know how to seek them in such cases. An hour with a lawyer who's experienced in the medical law system can save tens of thousands in some cases, though I'll pray for the best.
  4. Actually, no. he's doing fine on one leg, for now. He wants to get back into sports, but my job is gonna be finished soon and, well, i'm not sure if I can find a new one before to long. Plus: WHOA. just look at those fees. It'll take a big loan to fix that.
  5. Damn man, that's real tough and I am sorry to hear that. No way to level a loan in his advantage?
  6. Not very well. My parents died, so my little bro came to live with me. He got his leg crushed, and I can't afford a prosthetic. yet.
  7. That it has been, how are you?
  8. Hello there sir, it has been awhile.
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