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Conversation Between Negative Ink and Sighanide

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  1. Not really, the difference between the US system and the European system is pretty much centered around if the citizens should pay half their income to the state 'Europe' or a quarter 'the US' and it's only lingo after that.

    Not to mention the radical communities we seem to be getting today. Terror actions, extremists groups who seek secessions and to create hellholes here like the ones they escaped from. It's pretty upsetting, but I doubt either continent has really learned how to control their own borders.
  2. Pretty much. I think I'm going to move to London now xD
    but seriously, Europe is like 1 step ahead of the US an about everything except technology.
  3. Well that's how the world is sometimes. The American healthcare system sucks if you got some kind of sprained ankle, but the Norwegian system sucks if you got some kind of advanced cancer.
  4. well, better than never. xD
    I think I'm cursed. I sprained my arm, and to get it in a cast + getting to be in the emergency room was about 250 bucks. This is just about a month after getting my brothers prosthetic -_-

  5. Yup, I do. How's it hanging?
  6. Hi, Remember me?
  7. Life's alright as things go now. Mostly figuring out some work related stuff.

  8. How is life for you? Just wondering.
  9. I'm real happy too.
  10. Great news. I wish you and your brother all the best!
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