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Conversation Between Negative Ink and Sizary Momo

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  1. Cool.I want to be an artist but i don't wanna stay
    stuck in an office.So instead i'ma be an art teacher^^
  2. Yup, I am a hired artist.
  3. I just edited screenshots and made them into
    a gif using a program.Do people pay you to
    make those?
  4. Mostly by a program called 3ds max.
  5. wow.Did you make that?O-O
  6. Cool cool, I am more into making game characters for companies ect.

    Stuff like that
  7. Cool.I just made my own avatar.In about
    8 minutes.^^
    Just finished the signature too.
  8. Oh, not all that much. Just doodling a bit around I suppose.
  9. Nothing much.I've got a little head ache but i'm good.
    How was your day?
  10. Not much, not much. What's up?
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