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Conversation Between katlover and kanon1151

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  1. thansx you too
  2. a good year switch for me!!!

    HAPPY 1ST DAY OF 2012!!!!
  3. really? i didn`t know that

    i will did you have a good year switch
  4. of course i wouldn't... it's illegal here unless the city does it...

    hopefully you can finish those animes soon!!
  5. meryy christmas to yoo too and a happy new year

    are you going to do fireworks??

    i will next year XD
  6. merry christmas and a happy new year!
    it's okay take your time watching it
  7. SOORY for the late anwer

    not yet i will watch it tomorrow

    PS: merry christmas
  8. hey did you watch the eps yet?
  9. i dont think i actually watched it befor...
  10. aki sora...i will try it i love looking and watching new anime

    do you know kimi ni todoke??
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