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Conversation Between tazdeviltron and animangachik315

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  1. see,i i knew it was

    its cool

    im okay

  2. Hey, Sorry i have not been online for awhile. I have been doing work, I hope you still remember me. The sharp object thing is weird. so, how are you?
  3. no ... sometimes when im around sharp things i really feel like runing my finger over it. now thats weird.
  4. i dont know why but i have a sudden thought of jumping up and down ,do you think that is weird?
  5. yeah and here is something completely funny
  6. oh rally?
  7. umm Hellsing i am on Vol4,umm soul eater i have watch the anime,........
  8. *scratches back of head* well there are a lot...
  9. what other manga's have you read other then deathnote???
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