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Conversation Between tazdeviltron and SuXrys

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  1. yes I AM CRAZY MHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. Also the apple is red like in deathnote.
  2. apple and tea? O__o
  3. i'm evil now??, well i will rule the world with an apple in one of my hands and tea in the other MHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA
  4. You're evil O____O
  5. OMG that was completly evil. LOL
  6. no i havnt played the game or heared the songs
  7. Yeah, he is funny. The songs he sings in that new Batman video game is somewhat scary... Have you heard them?
  8. WHY SO SERIOUS? Do you want to know how i got these scars???- I love the joker, i love how every story about how he got his scars is different XD
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