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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Anime Forum

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  1. well, thats unfortunate lol
  2. Lol damn straight. Lol.

    Hot? Nah bro. DEF not.
  3. shorts aint shit. i was in a white shirt lol. its whatever, "let 'em stare" i say.
    s3 supposedly sucks huh? well, i'll still have to find out for myself. I tend to do that. I cant just listen to and accept someone telling me that something sucks, i gotta find out for myself.

    was she at least hot?
  4. Yup! Raining for me here as well man. I like the rain, but it came out of nowhere dude! I was walking in shorts -_- .. then comes the rain. I got really wet, lol. Shana? My friend Ceris loved that one, but said season 3 is total garbage.

    Oh, I saw some lady black out drunk today.
  5. looks like you're east coast too, huh? I'm in SC, it's been on and off rain all day. What suck is that it still doesnt get cooler even with the rain, just more humid.
    i just finished season 1 of Shakugan no Shana and started season 2
  6. Omg same. Its almost 3:00 AM but I'm still trying to watch stuff. Great, a bit hot though e_e ..
  7. nu-in much maing. just staying up cruising the internet and watching anime when i really should be going to bed haha
    how've you been?
  8. Dude. Sup? (:
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