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Conversation Between Kaleohano and PinkGalaxies

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  1. You are going to lose this challenge.
  2. do i hear a challenge?

  3. Hm. That could be interesting. I suppose we would know who has the biggest ego.
  4. mmmk. maybe we'll just have to work on doing it together. :P
  5. Well, I guess you'll be getting the bathroom at night then because I need mirror staring time more than you do. This glistening hair and skin deserves all of the mirror time until I become tired or sleepy. So, your "swoll patrol" gets to wait a good while. :3
  6. well, then i must inform you that the rock does not come without me. Cant have one without the other. So i guess we'll be living together from now on. First things first, gotta bigure out the bathroom schedule. I need a minimum of 46.3 minutes of staring at myself in the mirror, flexing and screaming out "SWOLL PATROL!!" and about 15min for all the other bathroom stuff.
  7. Too bad. I'm confiscating it. Muahahaha.
  8. but i likes my rock...
  9. Hey, goon. Do me a favor and stop living under a rock. Kthx.
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