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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Jasanime

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  1. Sounds good. I'll have to add it to my list :-)
  2. Romantic Comedy. Long story short, this girl Misaki is the class president at her school, but she's also a waitress at a costly restaurant where she dresses like a maid and she absolutely hates guys. and she tries to make sure no one at school finds out. this of course leads to her having an extremely stressful life. then theres this guy Usui whom all the chicks die for, but he is only interested in Misa. the whole story just kinda revolves around Usui helping Misa calm down and enjoy life more and also to help her realize that not all guys are bad. besides that, he's also trying to get with her. its a very cute anime and i highly recommend it to anyone.
  3. I've only got like 2 eps to go. Haven't heard of Kaichou wa maid-sama, what kind of anime is it?
  4. hell yea! it starts out kinda slow but it keeps getting better as the series progresses. i have to admit though, the end kinda confused me a little. still a great anime though! how far are you in it?

    i'm currently watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama. sadly theres no dubbed version -.-
  5. Hey have you seen Chobits? I'm watching right now......
  6. now THAT! is was sup! lol
  7. haha, like for me liking that you liked that I liked your post!
  8. Like for me liking that you liked my post! =) thank you! lol
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