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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Sizary Momo

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  1. Been good. just getting things ready for me to leave. Gonna head out and see some friends i won't be seeing for a while in about a half hour.
  2. Wow I'm hyper right now. @___@

    I'm know you'll be alright.So um how've you been
  3. like i said, i'll be fine
  4. Haha. That picture of the horse i gave you looks
    like it's holding it's boobs! xD

    The military better bring you back or else i'll start an
    apocolypse until they do >:3
  5. No, but thats what i named it.
    It fits, he's on roods, and he flies thrum the sky. Skyroid

    wants mean nothing when you're dealing with the military
  6. You even know that name of the pony!?O-O
    Haha.Skyroid has stubby wings. xD
    And it's weird how he makes that "YEAH!" face xD

    But I don't want you guys to disappear...;-;
  7. that pony is called skyroid lol
    we're not leaving. we're just vanishing for a little lol
  8. Dude and i just found your pony!I saw it 2 days ago
    when my little sister was watching My little Pony and I
    saw this horse and i nearly spit out all my cereal!

    My big sister said that she was going for special training too cause she's
    going to be in the Marines.Now 2 of the best people in the world are leaving
    me.That sucks...
  9. i'll definitely be worries about that.
  10. Aww what!? Man that sucks.I'll miss you.Oh and remember what I said
    "You better come back uninjured." I'll wait for Slender to respond.
    Man that's gonna be some boring 2 months ahead.But you'll be back right? ;-;
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