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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Sizary Momo

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  1. Red Dead Redemption

  2. rdr?
  3. whatever
    I hate snipers>^<They
    always get me!
    (probably because i'm wide in the open areas XD)
    I'm usually a field medic hiding indoors and going
    outdoors when a life is in need of assistance.
    Have u played RDR?
  4. Sniper. One shot, one kill. I almost never miss.
  5. I'm a good Field Medic.Except one time
    where there were only 3 medics and everybody got
    mad at me for taking too long.>.>
    What class are you best at?
  6. i did. but i just got kinda bored with them.
  7. You haven't played any Killzone games? O-O

  8. yea. I play Skyrim, CoDMW2, and Gran Turismo 5. And thats pretty much it for right now.
  9. Well it's 11:44 right now and i'm gonna go to my Aunt's house
    to visit later.I'll probably play some Call Of Duty or Kingdom Hearts
    while i'm there.Do you play any video games?
  10. day was good. my car hates me i think. Its been going completely flawless for the last 2 years. a few days ago my amp blows, and today, my ignition goes kaput. So i had to ghetto rig 3 toggle switches(2 regular ones and a push button) to turn on the electrics in my car and fire the starter. My car now starts and runs without a key and the only security measure i have is a secret switch hidden somewhere to turn on the fuel pump. if someone can find that, then my car is fair game lol this sucks.
    How was your day?
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