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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Sizary Momo

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  1. September 1st 1929. Adolf Hitler and his NAZI party invade poland and start what is known as "The War to end all Wars." This was also the time during which he did what is now known as the Holocaust in which he killed over 6 million Jews, and 5 million other peoples including Gypsies, Gays, Cripples, and Blacks to establish the "Master Race" otherwise known as the Arian race. A person of the Arian race is described as tall, good looking, and with Blond Hair and Blue Eyes. The Arian race was more of a religious pursuit of some weird paradise that he thought awaited the German people. He rose to power only because germany was in a huge economic crisis as a result of WWI. The blame for World War 1 was pushed on germany, but closer research shows that germany was not actually the cause of it. Nevertheless, they got stuck with the bill of cleaning up the whole mess created by it.
  2. Germany invaded Poland!?
    When did this happen? O-o
  3. no sir i am not kidding you...XD
  4. What does WWII have to do with germans?I'm behind
    in my social studies class.I haven't learned anything about WWII
  5. what i said has nothing to do with my personal opinion. its just an example. i don't get mad every time people talk about WWII. chill out bro
  6. I'm not so sure i like the example you gave >-<''
    Maybe because...*ahem*..i'm mexican... T^T"
  7. jesus f**k. let le'douche die already. Make a different bad guy if you want but douche is done the next time he dies.
  8. i'd compare it to the way that people in Arizona don't like mexicans.
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