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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Sizary Momo

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  1. It's so sad! Dx
    It reminds me of when they shut down my school.
    Even the guys tried to act tough but we all started crying! Q-Q
  2. lol of course i have! i love that movie!
  3. I love how they prance aroun.Have you seen The Fox and The Hound?!
  4. they're cute as long as they're nice. but they can be really friggin mean too lol
  5. Well that's why I have a PS3 and i'm gonna buy a dog
    to live with me! x3 Maybe I can buy a baby fox to live with me.
    Foxes are so cute! x3
  6. ejoy the time you have left. life alone isn't as great as you might think.
  7. I guess i'll just wait til i can move out. :P
  8. Well f'k tgat guy lol
  9. Well my ma does that.Not my step dad.
    All he does is brag about how i'm "horrible and need
    to be taught a lesson" T^T
  10. Don't they give you food, a place to sleep at night clothes and other things
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