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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Ranshiin

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  1. yoooo could you spoiler what Juka wrote on my Guilty Crown Thread please? Thank you!
  2. I'm not. Did it seem like I was? Lol
  3. I was being completely sarcastic, I didn't think Eris would listen to me lol.

    y so srs?
  4. Asking me nicely to change the way i conduct myself already sets out apart from the other mods. For that i thank you, and i'll see to it that it gets done. I will however, request that you do not question my maturity. Call me disrespectful and inappropriate all you want. I don't particularly care. But understand this, you don't know any of my history, the s**t i've seen and the s**t i'll be going through when i ship out, and I will not be spoken to like an immature child by you.

    Fair enough? I'll avoid soiling the mods names and you do not call me immature.
    Besides that, i'd say we're straight.
  5. You want my opinion? Yes, I do have a problem with it, mostly because what this appears to be is little more than a butthurt rebuke towards your inability to competently follow the rules that have been set here for longer than I've even been a member.

    I don't specifically have an issue with you wishing to warn the new members to follow the rules, I do however have an issue with the way you are going about and doing it. There are far more mature and polite ways with which to greet a member and suggest them to follow the rules; telling them that we are 'like Nazis' is not an appropriate one.

    I'll only say this once; please think up an alternative and more mature way to word your warning. I for one enjoy the way you welcome users but the addition you chose to make is inappropriate. Don't say I haven't given you prior warning. I'm not going to make any further comments on this matter.
  6. i never said you were Nazis. Saying you we're "Like" nazis. And you guys very much are. and no its not just that one video. you guys f**k my posts enough for me to want to punch you in the damn face were i ever to meet you in person. But since thats unlikely to happen, it looks like i'll have to settle for letting the new guys know to tread carefully when dealing with you lot. Do you have a problem with that? lets hear it.
  7. You're not butthurt that I kept editing the Le Gag Quartet video out of your intros, are you?

    (I only did it because of F*ck Yea Guy >_>)

    ... Anyways. It's not a good idea to try to point out that 'the mods are Nazis'. I don't know why you have that opinion but I'm just giving my two cents on it. It's not a good thing to say when greeting a new member, is all.
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