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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Matty

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  1. Ah; so you're with the navy... I always thought you were in the army actually. So which coast are you on? I know East coast see's a lot of action overseas, but it seams like more and more West coasters are being transferred out East.
    And are you gonna be a lifer? Or just doing the time to get your tuition payed?
  2. Navy Nuclear Propulsion.
  3. Well then; I guess I should sign up as soon as they have the stylish ones only, lol.

    Just curious man; which part of the military are you with? Navy, army, or air?
  4. its still in effect but they're getting rid of em. and that's worn very very rarely
  5. Sh*t; the only ones I've ever seen on the nvay guys around here (I live right by the two different naval bases) are the shitty light blue ones. After you posted those pics I googled them... and damn, they do look good.

    Came across this pic as well; lol, this was just plain awsome!
  6. Straight Blue? what are you talking about?
    we wear this


    and this

    as far as your lady friend goes, if she can come in the living room and complain to you, then her chain is too long. bahaha
  7. Lol; tru enough tho. Good philosophy to have. However; my GF hates the fact that I always think I'm right. But I end up prov ing her wrong time and time again; so it's not really thinking in my case

    I'm not a fan of the navy's straight ugly blue uniform.... I don't think I've ever seen their camo tho; I didn't even know they had a camo uniform. And it might just be because of all the army movies I've seen; they just made the army uniforms look so fu*king cool!
  8. you like the army ones? i love the navy dress and camo uniforms. lol
    and no, i'm not offended. i just keep telling myself that i'm right and whoever disagrees with me will later learn i was right haha :P
    what can i say? thats just how i roll
  9. Yep; see it all the time at the bars downtown near the Inner Harbour. Navy guys go in together, but leave seperately through out the night, lol. One by one they get picked up, haha.

    I wouldn't mind joining the navy on the west coast... but I don't really agree with the war going on; so I wouldn't transfer East. But gaurding the boarders wouldn't be so bad, and taking on a few pirates in the process.

    I know you're a military guy, so I hope I didn't offend with my views on the war. But everyone has different opinions; i would want to protect my country from the homefront no matter what though.
    All in all though, I'm still undecided. Depends on how my approval goes for more student loans.... not good by the looks of it.
    But the army uniforms look a hell of a lot better; I'll give them that.
  10. haha hell to the yea. and heres another thing to remember. if you get an education through the military vs someone getting it on his own. you and that person apply for the same job, you will get preferential treatment. employers always prefer ex military. that just a fact. it shows a sense of honer, courage, and commitment unlike any other job you could possibly get. and people like that. besides, its an incredibly good feeling when you walk into a store in your uniform, and complete strangers approach you and say "Thank you for your service sir." it'll always put a smile on your face. people in this country really appreciate you. i couldn't imagine something that i'd rather do. besides, chick LOOOOOOVE a man in uniform. and i mean looooove em! bloody ridiculous how many girls want some military action inside of em. bahahaha
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