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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Kaitou+

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  1. Moderation is a good way to go. No doubt about that. You definitely don't wanna mess school up. That'll bite you in the a$$ way down the road.
  2. Not straight edge at all....but I don't do it unnecessarily either. But I can't afford either with work and with school. Gotta keep my mind straight, you know?

    But I will do with the homies when it's time to chill and not work.
  3. is there a specific reason for going straight edge or is it a personal choice?
    I'm on vacation in germany and have been sh*tfaced for the last two weeks lol
  4. Gotta stay sober so I been not drinking at all either.

    I dont like smoking much.
  5. Its fun, and i'm all for legalizing it. Just right now it ain't worth all the trouble i can get in for. besides that, at the height of my smoking, it was just too damn expensive to keep up for a car audio installer in high school lol
  6. Every now and then, I do. Not too often now though.
  7. i used to. But i quit at 17 cuz i wanted to join the military. How about yourself?
  8. That dude smokes a lot though...going to Jamaica has only made it worse.

    Have you gotten high before?
  9. eh Technicalities. He'll always be Snoop D O Dubs.
  10. You mean Snoop Lion, not Snoop Dogg.
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