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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Kaitou+

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  1. I still have 7 years before i'm out.
    Hell yea i'm gonna play it! When i get a chance to... Studying takes priority.

  2. Awwh shit, bro. When do you get out by the way? You gonna play it bro?
  3. Lol na, i'm in the military. I can't smoke weed cuz i get tested every week. I miss it so much. Once i'm out though... then i'll be feelin good again
    I forgot that TT2 is coming out tonight. Damn lol

  4. Just chilling as well. Waiting to play that Tekken Tag 2. It's gonna be the shit, bro.

    Smoke? That's dope man.....I need to smoke a blunt again one of these days....not meh, too busy. Might grab a beer though.

  5. nu'n much maing. Just chillin outside, enjoying a smoke while listening to Dope Man by NWA. how you doin?
  6. Sup nigga? :brofist
  7. ok lol. that it was. stupid gy-somethingoranother
  8. It was stupid of HIM to say you got bad grammar because of it.
  9. slow down slow dow. It was stupid of me to say confusing crypto with krypton had nothing to go with grammar? Or it was stupid of him ti say that i had bad grammar because of it?
  10. I know dawg but lol...that was still kind of stupid to say.
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