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Conversation Between Kaleohano and Kaitou+

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  1. Video Game section, bro. Keep up with the acronyms. =P
  2. Vg?
  3. Yeah, I heard some good stuff. Yeah man, this all happens to us and it makes us wiser in life.

    I dunno, staff are lazy as hell bro. =\ They rather hang out in that crap chat. >.> I was supposedly gonna be a mod in the VG section and bring some action but daamn delaying. xD
  4. He's doing a welding certification now. If he can get hired by the right people, he can make some good money. But i know he regrets not taking the offer. Oh well, live and learn.

    dude. why the fuck is this forum so dead these days? -.-
  5. That's what niggas get from being so stupid, bro. Then again, he probably needed to learn a lesson or something. I won't judge though but shit happens for a reason.

    Haha, I can already see how that shit is gonna be sweet. All the mention of Area 51 is all those movies that the military has some involvement. Should be some good shit.
  6. Theres nothing that i hate more than some spoiled fuck throwing away opportunities that other people would kill for. I had a friend who was offered a free ride through college and said no because quote "I love my girl so much, and she wouldn't be able to come." They were together for a month at that time. And they broke up 2 months later because she moved. And the college wouldn't give him the scholarship again. after he blew them off. SOL

    Yup. I'll be one of the people who actually knows about some of the stuff going on at Area 51. All the secrets the government hides (pertaining to my field) will be at my disposal. I can't fuckin wait dude! Gonna be sweet.

  7. That seems like a very good system actually. It's good that you're putting effort though. As Hispanic person, who had to work double or triple harder than the average American citizen it pisses me off when people waste their handed in opportunirnities while others have to work for it. But that's common human behavior sadly.

    Classified? Sounds like some real legit shit bro. :datass
  8. The good thing about this training besides the great career is that i walk out with a Bachelors in Nuclear Science in just 2 years that i get to keep outside of the Military. And my Clearance also stays with me.
    When i get back, i have to start on all of the classified stuff. The thing that sucks about that is that i get cut off from the world during that time. Cant have a phone, computer can't connect to the internet, and i won't be told where i'm at. Its a pain in the ass
  9. Going "home" is hard because all my family lives in germany. So when i get leave time, i got to Phoenix AZ where all my friends live.

    My Job is Nuclear Propulsion. I'm in A-school right now. My training is 2 years of Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Welding, and other stuff that i'm actually not allowed to mention (Top Secret security clearance is required for a reason lol).
    Anyways, this training is largely done at a College in Charleston SC. Its not like normal College though. There are normal classes that you can attend, but you can also learn all the non-classified stuff on your own time outside of the classes. They tell me what i have to learn, and i have 2 years to do it. I can take a total of 2 months leave time during those two years. Thats how i've been in germany for the last month. Its a complicated system, but it does weed out the people who don't have the motivation to get things done on their own.
  10. Wait, so do you get to go home or something?

    So you're in College and Military as well?
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