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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. You can use the gifs, but now you just have a better understanding of what they mean.

    and yea, i'm in the military and i'm scheduled to ship out on the 3rd of October.
  2. But I like the gifs... So now I can't use them at all? ;-;

    And hey, I read in the wolf thread that you are going to get "shipped out"?
  3. lol no. swag is superduperawesome for 14 yr olds lol
  4. Damn.... then I have completely missunderstood that word. I thought it was like when someone walks into a room looking superduperawesome while he/she actually is superduperawesome, or something like that. =/ Hm.... that's atleast how I have interpreted the gifs I have seen... Now I'm just confused!
  5. however, there is more to it! SWAG was actually first created in the 1960s and back then stood for "Secretly, we are gay." how it adopted its meaning of today, i honestly don't know. lol
  6. Dont flip the desk, you won't be able to talk to me if your computer breaks.

    Swag is the most ridiculous thing ever. Its basically what young immature girls find attractive in guys.
    theres two parts to swag.
    1. Its the way you act. the same way that they say a guy has "game" meaning he's good at talking to girls. However, game refers toward someone who can talk to real women. people with swag talk to teenage horny slu*s that are desperate to get laid.

    the second part is the look. the swag look is a cross between hip hop, techno, and just plain ridiculousness.
    this pic is what hardcore swag looks like

    in short, swag is a quality possessed by freshman highschoolers and posers.

    does that help?
  7. You mean... swag?

    Lol, what does that word even mean?? I have seen it on so many gifs right now and I think I know the "meaning" with it, but what does the actual word mean? Not sure if you understand me. >___> BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! *flips desk in rage*
  8. I was swinging it to display my super shmexy mojo
  9. Is that why you are swinging that sword?
  10. I failed many times

    but now that matters not for here you are before me!
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