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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. Its the same as it was before. Except My A-School got a hell of a lot tougher. And no, I'm a Nuke. They don't waste our time with pointless things like marching lol
  2. I thought that you said that you wouldn't come back at all in here for a great while but now I see you posing in your profile picture. Pffs, you liar.~

    So, tell me, how is the life in the military? :-D Are you marching like this every day? xD

  4. I've already discuss it with him in detail :P
  5. Your current location is secret? ... NO FAIR!! D:

    I will tell santa...
  6. Depends on the type of crying, some are cute, somes are more like screams and then I just want to run away. Far, FAR away! O___O Especially when you are in stores... *shivers*

    Ehmm... "mur'ka"? What is this strange word that you dare to post on my wall? o__O
    And Pppfffffssss! You cruel cruel man! Now how on earth will your mom be able to feed you? That's the job of older relatives you know, even if you're not hungry you muuuuuuuust take some more or they will never stop nagging about it, especially grandmothers, they are the masters of this profession. Trust me my dear, your mother wants to feed you, you better go and visit her soon.
  7. I must have read wrong, but did you just say that a babies cry is cute?? That has to be the worst noise in the world in my opinion. I'd rather listen to a fat guy shotgun splatter the toilet afet a night of partying hard than to have to hear one of those vermin cry.

    Because i love 'Mur'ka! Its my home. I love this country and can honestly say i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. And even if i did want to move to germany, i'd have to wait till my contract with the military is over.
    Also, its a great excuse to not visit them lol. "Sorry mom/pops, i don't have $1200 for a plane ticket just laying around."
  8. Yupp, and I shall destroy you with my plan. You shall cry like a little baby, but not that cute cry that a real baby can, but that sad high pitched cry that only a grown up man facing total defeat can make. Sounds good, doesn't it? ;D

    Why did they moved back and why didn't you followed them? :O
  9. Backup-plan huh? that sounds dirty, in a good way lol
    its all good, i'm happy to say that my life has turned out as interesting as it has lol. ask away

    Yes and no. you get more with each re-enlistment. The first is 8 years, the second is 8 years, the third is 6 and then it gets really complicated and i don't understand it anymore myself lol and the most you can get is 75% but thats after like 30 years i think. Thats just too much for me

    and yea, i moved to the states with my parents. But they left again 2 years ago and i've been alone in the states ever since. My parents and sister live in germany. and my other relatives live in different parts of europe and asia.
  10. So after every year you will get a little more of the % of the salary of you quit? How come all your family lives in different countries? I assumed you moved with them to America when you where a kid?

    Hahah! I sure ask you a lot of questions. ;-) Tell me if it gets too much. If so... I have a backup-plan... Mohahhaha!!
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