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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. *Don't understand much but nods my head and pretends that I do*

    Don't judge me.

    ... How can you start the car without the key?
  2. and yes it is... sorta. my ignition broke so i rigged 2 switches to turn on the car and fire the ignition till i can afford a new ignition. so my car now works without the key lol
  3. oh wow. why not? lol
  4. Same as yesterday. Havn't falled asleep yet.

    Is the car fixed now?
  5. well, i was up last night cuz my car broke and i had to get it fixed immediately. whats your excuse?
  6. Back at you. o___o

    Go to bed!
  7. dafuq are you doing up at this hour?
  8. AH! Okey, thank you for telling me! I'll empty it a little later on today.

    Monkeys are indeed a suprime boss. *holds a glass of wine while feeling like a nobleman*
  9. i was gonna send a PM, but the thingymadoogle say's you have too many private messages and needs to delete some. but still, thank you very much. monkeys are boss supreme indeed.
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