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Conversation Between Kaleohano and SuXrys

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  1. I didn't knew you worked with cars! How long have you done that? =)
  2. i am one of the professionals. And i'm a hell of a lot better than most of the "professionals" you'll ever run in to. lol
    why pay someone to do something when i can do a much better job myself?
  3. You don't trust the professionals? ;-D
  4. i dont fix my car myself to save money, i do it because she's my baby and no one but me gets to touch her lol
  5. I understand a little bit. But hahaha this is damn it kind of hard when you don't know much about cars in the first place, and then you read about it in english! xD Anyway, good thing that you seemed to be able to fix it yourself, since saving money isn't such a bad thing to do at times. ~
  6. ok. There are 4 positions for the key to be in.
    1. off
    2. Accessory
    3. Running
    4. Ignition

    Running and ignition are broke. the steering lock is engaged until you are in "Running"
    however, with my key thing being all effed in the A, my car doesn't actually "run" when in the is in the 3rd position. that is what the switch does now. it simulates the key being in position 3.
    Position 4 doesn't work either. Thats what the push button that fires the ignition is for. so to drive my car, you have to do three things.
    1. put the key into position 3 to disengage the steering lock
    2. flip the switch that puts the car into "running"
    3. push the button to start the car.

    thinking about it, it somehow makes my car seem safer lol
  7. But you said that you didn't had any key... so you can only drive in a straight line aswell?
    D'aw thank you for forgiving me. ;-)
  8. the car can start and run without the key, yes. however, the key is still required to disengage the steering lock. So they'd only be able to drive in a straight line. and since i park in the driveway, being unable to steer will get them nowhere.

    and thank you for sharing the greatest song ever written about the greatest country to ever exist. your ignorance is forgiven.
    'MURIKA loves you!
  9. Huh. Did you had that buttom there from the start or did you "placed it" there yourself? If you can start the engine without a key, isn't it easier for people to steal your car then? ... Well I wouldn't have a clue on how to do that (lol), but I guess others have. ~ Oh well, for the lack of my knowledge when it comes to cars and stuff... let me make up for it by posting this:
  10. Well, i have one switch that turns on the electrical systems in the car. The same thing your key does when the car is running. Then you know how you turn it just a little bit more and that engages the starter and turns on the engine? I have a button that i push now that does that. so flip the electrical switch to engage all of the cars systems, and then push the button to start the engine.
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