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Conversation Between Sighanide and Navigator

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  1. Haha.
    Oh, well, new job, and it's already..............different, I guess you could say? It's made me go overseas, which I've never down for a job before. I'm in Manchester, U.K. because of it.
  2. Oh well I suppose so. I don't log on that often. I am doing okay, just working. How are you?
  3. Oh, hi again? What's Up? You still with us?
  4. Well that sounds awesome! Good for you.
  5. Ah, i see. I'm just a Freelance game designer. I went to DigiPen, a college in redmond.
  6. No. I started college when I first got out of high school, but it wasn't for me. All I wanted to do was work all the time. So I quit, and have still just been working all the time. Plan on going for my RN someday. I'm just a CNA now. What about you?
  7. oh, wow. Same age. didn't expect that. Well, you go to college?
  8. I'm 22, what about you?
  9. Well, nice! How old are you?
  10. Well okay that's awesome! I just got home from the bar! lol.
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