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Conversation Between Sighanide and Navigator

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  1. So you have slowed down this time. I keep checking for a response from you, but nothing! What are you up to?
  2. Sorry. I was working a lot. And I would just come home and go to sleep. And then wake up and do it all over again. And uh.. really? Trained sniper. That sounds pretty awesome! I love target shooting. I want a gun of my own. All I ever do is borrow my brother or my dads numerous guns. I am better with pistols than I am rifles or shotguns. I am still doing better than a month in between responses though! =D
  3. Well, except for now, you've slow down in response time xD
  4. I see, and you are good with response time. If we're telling painful stories, I was in the army (trained sniper). Enough said. I live in the city, I own an apartment (It's cheap >.<)
    I live with my orphaned little brother, and I have to take care of him. Life sucks xD
  5. Also, I would like to point out, that I have been doing really well at my response time!
  6. Ahh. Well I had two German Shepards attack me once while I was riding my bike down the street when I was around seven or so, and then a couple years later a dog thought I had something in my hand and tried to lunge for it and punctured my arm right by my elbow. But I know that my dog will be trained to be a sweetheart. Sooo it's all good. (: And I have also been attacked by a cat once. Haha. It was like all super nice and I was petting it and then all of a sudden it just latched onto me, clawing me and biting my hand and wrist. And I've been kicked by a horse, and bucked off. Lol.
    Hmm. I live in a tiny tiny town in what I like to jokingly call a village. Lol. It's country type I guess.. like farms and ranches. a river like 15 miles away. A lake about 6 miles away. Everyone knows everyone..
  7. Well a golden retriever practically tried to eat me when I was three, so it's more of a traumatized childhood experience :/
    I did beat a wild coyote almost to death with a rock once, but that's the closest thing to facing my fear I've gotten: being able to hurt them (it was self-defense!).
    I have a farmer up the street who has a sheep and two goats. Those are cute.

    Where do you live? Is it suburban or urban or countryside or what?
  8. Lol. Silly. Well my dog is a sweetheart. And I'm not a cat person... they keep to themselves too much and are just oh you want to pet me.. neat. I'm just gonna walk away from you. I dunno. I like the loyal loving personalities of dogs. haha. I am sooo tired. ):

    Sorry, I'm scared shitless of dogs. I'm a cat person. I got one cat that I find very cute, and her name is Georgia.
  10. I do have pets. Only one that is personally my own. His name is Grizz. He is a pure bred Leonberger, but sadly the people I bought him from had already gotten him fixed. And then my parents have their own dog named Bubba, he is a mixed breed. And then some dumb cat.. who is pregnant right now, and could pop any day! But my dog is awesome. He is huge. He weighs like 125lbs. He is sooo adorable too. What about you?!
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