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Conversation Between Sighanide and redtear

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  1. That's a really graphic trailer. I looked at some of the game play. It is pretty cool. How much is that game going to be sold for?
  2. Well, nice, as of late.

    I recently got some praise for a game I helped work on, called Hotline Miami.

    It's a REALLY fun game, however it's pretty disturbing. It's a game about psychology where you're put in the shoes of a serial killer. It gives you this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that your not doing the right thing, but it feels like the world round you is prompting you to do the horrible things you do.
  3. Hey, so hows life been?
  4. Hello there.
  5. So a new job, that's cool. What kind of work is it. What company is it. I need to find myself a new job soon also -_-.
  6. New Job Is New, I've Gotten Better Wages Since I Started Working There
  7. Well you got to find a job before quitting. It's a lot easier to find a job when u have a job than when you don't as they say. I just need to stop being lazy and write a cover letter. That's the only thing stopping me from applying right now. With work, i feel most jobs will be crappy as long as you have to work under somehow and you are in the same type of position. Sometimes company culture makes a difference but i think it's still bound to get boring. I don't want to work like this being tied up and having to listen to people everyday. It really just sucks. I think that's my biggest problem right now with work. Other than that work is just boring, i sit and program everyday and hope no one bothers me because when they do it means extra work lol.
  8. To tell you the truth, I'm a gentleman too xD
    I hear you there man, Work sucks. I'm thinking of quitting my job and finding another one, 'cause i'm just to tired for this crap now. Nothing interesting really happens around the office anymore anyways, I can't handle the stress, no more fun work, people aren't nearly as fun as they were. It's all gone crappy, I'm going overboard xD
    What work like for you?
  9. Yeah....don't stalk me. And well every guy talks to girls a bit differently than they talk to guys. Like i'd never go "hey, what's up. how's it hanging" to a girl. I'm more formal to girls and more informal to guys. But regardless if it's a guy or girl some conversations to some people last while others die if no common interest is found. It's not about being boring. And right now i don't have much going on in life anyway besides work -_- which sucks.
  10. *facepalm*
    no, we just cross paths...... ok maybe.
    I noticed you pretty much you have a lot of fun talking to others, but not me? Am I boring???? Oh god the world hates me *mental breakdown initiated*
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