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Conversation Between Sighanide and Sizary Momo

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  1. See, you and I aren't all that different, I'm still really into sports.
    I do Rugby (if possible), Football (both kinds), Track and Field (my personal best one), etc.
    However, i wasn't cocky, people just didn't like me. I didn't like them either and found it hard not to see them as idiots because whenever I tried to talk to them it felt like I was trying to explain Quantum Physics to a goldfish, and it still feels that way sometimes when I talk to you (no offense). So I found way that I could kick their ass on their own turf: Sports. I played in every different sports team I could get into (most of them) up until I was 20 and started a military career, which fell flat after being found mentally unstable a shipped-the-fuck back to america. I didn't have enough money to afford a shrink, I had bad PTSD, almost killed my child twice on merit of accident, killed a dog with a stick before I realized what was going on, etc. But then sanity came, and I'm slowly getting better.
  2. Aw poor Siggy.But at least you got some friends
    in the end! :P I've always had friends.My little problem
    right now is that i'm just a little well....too athletic
    and too cocky when it comes to sports.Yeah i get
    really excited and apparently not a lot of girls in my grade
    are up to having fun now a days.They'd rather talk about boys
    and drown in chips while i just stand there bored out of my mind
    wanting to play some basketball with the guys.But apparently
    hanging out with guys when you're older is "weird" >.>
  3. Everyone made fun of me as a teen, I had no friends through high school.
    I was called everything from teacher's pet to smart ass to dipshit to fucktard, etc, etc.
    The main reason was me having a problem relating to people. My brain, as I was told by my doctor, was much more developed than it should have been in middle-high school.
    I understood deep concepts more than everybody else, had very different interests than everyone else, had very different tastes than everyone else.
    When I went to college, I was a natural loner, and some ladies found this "sexy" or something, so I was hit on a lot xD
    In the end, I usually ended up turning those attempted-girlfriends/sex-buddies/whatever-their-creepy-plans-were into friends. Most of them
    So I got some friends in college, granted q78% of them were girls, so the story has a bit of a happy ending...
  4. At least we got one thing in common! xD
  5. Sorry, that last comment was irrational. It's just that, my teen years really sucked. I'm sorry?
    So you're into Pandora Hearts now! A bit late to the party, but now that makes four of us x3
  6. Oh, so communication with you is impossible then? Oh yeah, I forgot, you're a teenager
    I hate teenagers xD
  7. That video was horrible. 1) I could barely understand with his
    comments after every little sentence and 2) almost half the video
    was talking about controls. Way to go.I sure did change my mind..
    *ahem*being sarcastic*ahem* >.>
  8. Pass it in one go sir? No it's a game of trial and error, I have the actual game itself, not the demo, so I know it well, it took me about 27 tries
    60% is utterly wrong, if someone told you so slap them or flame them on the internet, and if you made it up, actually go do the math or go back to 5th grade and study percentages because I spent about 30 minutes and it was about 96.7345% (I'm a mathematician, don't question me >=|)

    Anyways this man elaborates on what I feel about Killzone in a way you might understand more, because a recent study suggest only 10% of what i'm saying gets through to you because we are not having a face to face conversation, so your brain cannot analyze tone and body language, or a slap to the face if necessary.

  9. You know what?
    Here try to pass this game.
    There'a a 60% chance you'll fail so. >:3
  10. I like games with good stories. The closest thing to shooter stories that I usually get is Battlefield 3, because it deals with the fear of death, but I usually play multiplayer (because the multiplayer actually requires a brain.) Call of Duty's story is "Russians are evil, go kill as many of them as they can, because they're evil." same goes for Killzone, except replace Russians with British Space Nazis.
    I admit, Killzone's multiplayer is fun, but after Blacklight Retribution, It got boring.
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