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Conversation Between Sighanide and Sizary Momo

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  1. Dude, I haven't even turned it on yet. Swapping out the old hardware for newer stuff, do you know how hard it is to port a console operating system? took me 5 hours of string to figure it out, these things aren't meant to be modded or made more powerful xD

    So once i've finished the hardware update (lemme tell you, that hardware is OLD) I'm going to have Ultra-Super-PS3-of-Asskickery! X3

    Okay, First things first, I'mma go wait for it, then buy it for PS3 and PC, and we can play Co-Op together. I'm already saving up :3
    BTW, if/when we do, that game is hard. Just saying, be prepared for your ass to get kicked >: D
  2. I don't know.So have you made a PS3 account yet?
  3. Wut?
  4. And that is why I am right.
    Muahahahhaha~ x3
  5. That a PC is customizable, a PS3 or XBOX is not, making it the most powerful, all you have to do is look at the facts.

    Frankly, a PS3 could not run PlanetSide 2 since it has terrible memory, It can't even run skyrim without lagging. a PS3 could definitely handle the graphics, but not the amount of rendering and items. Frankly, an MMOFPS would not run on consoles, this is fact.
    PlanetSide 2: Think Killzone 3 with a huge open world, never ending matches, 1000 Players per game, three factions, vehicles, abilities for each faction, high-render graphics, huge 80+ player firefights over control nodes, a friendly player base, and tactics, teamwork and strategy based gameplay.

    How the XBOX Reacts: Shits itself, won't even run.

    How the PS3 Reacts: I can do this, but at 1 frame per hour. Enjoy the Slideshow!

    How the PC reacts: no big.

    However, I'll give it to you, the cost for a good PC is TOO DAMN HIGH. guess how much the average PC processor sells for: 10,000 Dollars. For one.
    PS3: $15
  6. And your proof? >:3
  7. No, they make game for the PC now, the most famous being PlanetSide 2, which a PS3 has no-where NEAR the memory capacity to run, based on it's performance with Skyrim.
    The one thing you can't argue is that PC's are the most powerful - they are this way because they can be updated with new hardware, and consoles can't, so PS3 are like 3 Years old, while PC's can't get old, just swap out the old with the new, and that's what makes them the most capable system on the market (CERTAINLY not the cheapest, but the most powerful and capable). I could build a PS3 from scrap pieces in a junkyard. An XBOX, however, I could pretty much make out of dirt, so we DO have a common enemy here xD

    Here is the lay of the land (this is true, unbiased, fact) :

    GPU Capability:
    1. PC
    2. PS3
    3. Wii U
    4. XBOX 360

    1. PC
    2. XBOX 360
    3. PS3
    4. Wii U

    CPU Capability:
    1. PC
    2. PS3
    3. Wii U
    4. XBOX 360

    System Security and Protection:
    1. Wii U
    2. PC
    3. PS3
    4. XBOX 360
  8. Sony has made a million of games that could easily knock out your
    little 80's computer. >:3
  9. little calculator, BAH, you can't run skyrim or Fallout. Sony can't even make GAMES for you anymore xD

    *poker face* No, I'm using my Steam account right now :P
  10. I will stick with my Ultra Awesome Meg Mind Blowing PS3! >x3
    Hope you have fun with your little calculator! xD
    Have you created a PS3 account yet?
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