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Conversation Between Sighanide and Sizary Momo

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  1. What do you mean it's not for PS3!?Oh wait i think
    i played it on my cousin's X-Box. xD
    But it was fun though!
    But you will make an account later...right?
    know so you could play some Black Ops with me sometimes? x3
  2. You do know that Left 4 Dead 2 isn't for Playstation 3? "-_-
    It's for XBOX, Mac and PC.
    Oh, and no, I haven't, and I won't in the near future, 'cuz i'm in Manchester (U.K.), and I didn't bring my PS3 xD
  3. I've played Left For Dead 2 once.It was awesome!
    You got it? Or have you not made a PSN account yet?
  4. LBP2? Oh, okay xD
    Just chilling. On another note, BUY LEFT 4 DEAD 2.

    The sound in the video is a bit glitchy at points, but that's the video, not the actual trailer cinematics.

  5. Just bought LBP2~
    I'm gonna play with Zetta! Yesh! >x3
    Oh and i just got back from taking my Physics test!
    I hope i did good!
  6. Well, I'm not evil, and I'm not Arnold, but, okay?
    So, what's up?
  7. O-O You're a Terminator!!!

  8. I have a really low sense of pain, I sprained my wrist once and I didn't even notice xD
  9. My theme is lightning! Maybe I should change it to snow?O-o
    Anyways,you got a shot in the corner of your eye!? O-O
    If that was me i would be a pirate with a blind fold for one of my eyes! xD
  10. Siggy? That's the most informal name i've ever been given xD
    MY new background or YOUR new background?
    I like mine, Dark Souls is cool, yours is cool to, dislike the theme though.
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