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Conversation Between Sighanide and abyisidro

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  1. The other two are now in the Foo Fighters.
    Yeah, I have to agree.
  2. nirvana? they make good music. i mean, really good music. they reminded me of red hot chilli peppers. hmm. i dont know why. nirvana? it's a waste that someone died in their band. -.-
  3. What do you think?
  4. my sister knows nirvana. haha. now i know where i heard it. ^^
  5. i have basis why i said the wife killed him. but why? hmm
  6. I think his wife killed him too, she was on drugs & stuph

  7. oh, and i think the wife killed him. im just guessing, i like people investigating murders. haha )
  8. now im thinking if i heard this somewhere. hmm. the bands i listen to mostly are rock as well. try listening sometimes.
  9. Rock. it's good though. They got pretty damn famous, but then Kurt Cobain (the singer) committed suicide/was murdered by his wife (no-one knows, but there is a lot of evidence pointing to the wife)
  10. ahaha. you can try searching it over the net. i'll try listening to nirvana. what genre do they play?
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