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Conversation Between Sighanide and dango-chan

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  1. yeah never heard of it. Never plan on picking it up, seeing as i only have the one home made PC running in front of me as my only source of gaming entertainment. in layman's terms, i don't own a PS3. :/
  2. ...I think Twisted Metal is a PS One classic, too, they just released a new one for the PS3, I like it better on co-op multiplayer, though, it's really fun on co-op... I play with my dad. :3
  3. Hah??? I think it's a different game... The WipEout I'm thinking of is PSN exclusive and doesn't use the Move controller... It's like a racing game with space ships instead of cars... There's guns on them, too, but the majority of the levels are racing games, but you can use the guns to slow them down and get ahead of them, too... It's a really cool game, I believe it's a PS One classic, too. They just recently released a new one for the PS3 and the PS Vita, HD and 2048. :3
  4. yeah, if i'm correct your talking about the kinect/move game. was a bit weird buts still fun :P
  5. ...Have you ever played WipEout? :3
  6. Well, it's a racing game, except most of the levels are combat-based, basically they just put weapons on cool cars and you play elimination battles. :3 It's actually really fun, and I think the storylines are cool. :3
  7. Nope. Is It Good? What is it?
  8. It looks pretty cool. :3 Have you ever played Twisted Metal? :3
  9. Whatcha think of the video?
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