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Conversation Between Sighanide and dango-chan

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  1. its past freaking 11!! When i was a kid, my bedtime was 8:30 PM SHARP. man do i envy you...
  2. Doing homework and playing Project DIVA... My dad just got me the new Project DIVA game for the PS Vita, Project DIVA -f-, and it's pretty awesome. :3
  3. So what are you doing up so late at night??
  4. xD, yeah, i think its better on the Xbox anyway :Pr
  5. Hmmm... PC and XBox are like the only two gaming systems I don't have... X'P I've downloaded a couple of games on my laptop, but my laptop really sucks, especially for playing games... :/ I let my grandma use my computer, and well, she didn't really know how viruses work or how not to get them, so note to self, let your grandma use your laptop, and BA-BAM!!! You got yourself a virus! XD
  6. Well, actually, he plays a bigger part in the second game than the first, but still, you need to try that game sometime. however i think its XBox and PC only...
  7. Ah, I see... I will have to try that game... :3
  8. In Alan Wake, he is your EVIL TWIN O_O

    But not really from the same mom or whatever. He is made up of all the dark rumors people made up about you over the years, infused with darkness and insanity to create a nice blend of best, most sadistic, and funny antagonists ever
  9. Myuuu, I don't get the reference, but it's cool. XP
  10. Check out the new profile vibe! Now i'm your evil twin.

    (I know you won't get the reference, but whatever...)
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