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Conversation Between Sighanide and dango-chan

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  1. Well, shit, sorry for you. Isn't it like 127 Over in Texas? O_O

    I would fry at 110 xD
  2. Yeah, I know. The weather just changed kind of suddenly here. =w=
  3. Well, you're in Arizona, so I'd expect that. I'm a seattlite, so I can sit in the snow with nothing but a fig leaf on xD

    But anything over 80 and I can't get off the couch ):
  4. It's getting really hot here in Arizona. It's already getting to the 100s. Q,Q The air conditioner's always on, but it's like by the time the air reaches me it's already hot. TwT
  5. Summer. Is. Hell. it's like 95 degrees here, and it's usually 60-45 here (It's pretty cold up in Seattle) SO I'M ON FIRE IN PAIN!

    I have like twelve fans in this room as we speak.
  6. Nothing much... I'm on Summer Vacation right now... It's nice getting this much time off of school and not having to wake up so early. =w= How have you been? :3
  7. Hey, what's up? It's been A LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
  8. Hey there. How have you been? :3 Been a while since we've chatted.
  9. Eheheheh... Yuri, too? Or just Yaoi? :3
  10. Yeah, but now i'm disturbed. Yaoi. O_O
    its probably just me, but gay porn disturbs me.
    even though i have gay relatives.
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