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Conversation Between SaphireTategami48 and jamesedwards

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  1. Is your profile pic from an anime/manga? if so, which one i wonder?
  2. You should go to view conversation as SuXys says, it is how you post it on my wall so i can see what you wrote. Btw, the avatar i liked was the one of ariel. I think the explosive colour was nice.
  3. Change in avatar? why? I like your profile pic though.
  4. Its good that you got it. I'll read your thread next time i'm free
  5. Hello. I made a thread!! thx for ur help!!
  6. Hey, how are you going? To start a thread, go to a genre of post and there is a button that says 'Post New Thread'. Just click that and you should be able to make one. If you want anymore help just ask. Have you seen any good anime/manga lately or do you prefer drawing?
  7. hey, how do u start a thread?
  8. hello. wow, ur popular.
  9. Nice Disney Princesses pics, easily recognisable. I looked at your Profile pic before the other ones and that reminded me of Ariel (my cats name)
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