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Conversation Between jamesedwards and _morphine_

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  1. hello,its been a lot :/
    ı had lots of exams,thought i couldnt surive but here i am haha
    how r u doing? ^^
  2. I finished the assessment about 20 minutes ago. I'm very mentally stable now. wow, i ended up talking for about 20 minutes. Yay
    I started watching death note the other day. Have you seen it? I wish that i could watch the non-anime version (real people) but i could not find one with english subs. (because my school blocks a lot of sites). Oh, a new instalment of my favourite manga is out Umi no misaki. Double
  3. ı always takes lots of breaks when studying too ^^ best way !
    awwww good luck,ı am sure u will do great
  4. Its pretty much healed up. I have am assessment tomorrow i should be studying for right now but i am taking a 10 minute break from my continuos onslaught of work. I think it is important to have a break from work every hour or so so that i don't get to bored/go to insane. Its a 10 minute interview with my teacher with studies or religion talking about secularism, immigration affecting Australian religion, New Age religion and denominational switching. I have been studying for ages, but i always get nervous about speech type assessments. Wish me luck ...
  5. aww yes ^^
    kinda surprise me lol
    how r u doing? how is ur scar : p
  6. You seem to have gotten more reputation, thats good.
  7. Every teacher and student that has seen the cut asks what it is from. Oh well. I have another scar on my arm when my friend 'accidentally' cut me with a safety pin (irony). It looks really cool though so i was fine with it. I'm taking a break from watching anime for this week and catching up on sleep. I've been falling asleep in classes coz i am up until 12-1 some nights getting ahead on work. I can't even obtain enough energy to play sport properly. I had basketball yesterday and had to sit out for the second half due to me basically collapsing. I'm not unhealthy, but i am extremely unfit. Strangely enough, i am still slim due to my inherited genes from my father who had the metabolism of a god (he was really fit in his youth).
  8. aww thank u,glad someone like it ^^
    omg how u did that : o u were still sleepy so tripped?
    sorry to hear it bleeded that much : / at least u have a cool scar lol but kinda fun story and haha ı am sure it must be cool looking : D
    and no thats okay,i like listening : )
  9. Oh, I'm fine now. I really like you avatar now. Like, really like. Stands out a lot. I tripped while shaving this mourning and got a huge cut on my cheek. I looks a bit cool but it was bleeding for ages. (sorry if that sounds odd to tell you that).
  10. sorry for late reply : /
    ı think ı am more early morning person,can concentrate better early morning
    anyway how r u doing ? ^^
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