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Conversation Between jamesedwards and Marjorie Haukea Williams

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  1. That's fine. Its pretty humid up here and its not so bad living here, if there wasn't so much crime I'd feel a lot safer ya know?
  2. I have been to Coffs Harbour twice. I went there on a two years ago with the school. It is SO HOT up there. I was in the water basically 10 hours per day. I couldn't live there but it was a great pace for a vacation.
  3. I live in the east coast yes. Its Coffs Harbour if you've heard of it lol
    Thanks I have been getting that a lot lately

    It seems most people here like fate/stay.
  4. Hey, i like your avatar. I just finished watching Fate/Stay Nights yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. I noticed that you live in Australia, same as me. Do you live on the East coast or elsewhere? I live in Sydney (well, i go to a boarding school there).
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