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  1. I just studying away for an english speech coming up as well as a D&T assignment. Pretty boring. I did move into a single cube today (im at a boarding school) for year 12 so i spent my precious anime watching hours moving stuff around. I crave anime now... Oh well :|
  2. Usual stuff

    What's going on with you?
  3. Hey, whats going on?
  4. I'm going to (hopefully) do social science with a major in human resource management. Its a really easy course, but it is the only one that i am interested in to be honest. I'm still questioning what i want to do after Uni. Do you know what you want to do?
  5. Digital Media. Animations, Film Making, and photography in one course basicly

    What are you doing?
  6. Ohh, but u just turned 18, sorry, i assumed. What college course are you taking?
  7. I do college. Left school 2 years ago
  8. Have you finished up with school yet or do you still have exams?
  9. I have a bit of a Scottish background. Oh, i almost forgot to mention that i go to a Scottish School, The Scots College. I should have mentioned that earlier but it slipped my mind. We have like a pipes and drums band and all that.
  10. I have a bit. Although people say there's also a bit of Welsh in it but for the most part it sounds Scottish
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