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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and mangeassshajigan

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  1. Otaku 4ever strong
  2. otaku for life
  3. Lol, yup..... Imma nerd XP
  4. wow a ghetto anime fan lol
  5. Yup XD im ghetto hard, I pop caps on the daily, lol
  6. nice bro
  7. Nm bro, just chillin n killin :3 lol
  8. hey man whats up
  9. i would check it out but there are alot of other anime and manga that i am currently reading/watching right now not to mention i have to beat skyward sword and I have midterms comin up But i will consider it Thankz man
  10. I gotta say Tenchi Muyo :3 its old skool, if u aint heard of it, check it out, its hilarious
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