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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and SuXrys

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  1. Hahah sensei... how flashy that sounds but hey, im studying to become a teacher so.. *flips hair*

    How are you getting around this site?
  2. Haha, thanx for the tip :3 ill remember all u have taught me sensei....
  3. Well hello back at you! Oh and I seen that you write back to people on your own wall, a tip for a new member like you.. or a fairly new member anyway, is that you'll stop doing that. Or else people will not see that you have responded back to them if they doesn't go directly to your wall, and it's not all the time people are doing that.

    The easist way to reply to people that has written on your wall is that you either go and answer on their wall OR [the easist way] click on "view conversation" that you can see to the right of the message and write there. In there you can see all the messages you guys have written to eachother so far. Hoped that helpt!
  4. Just a random hello ^3^ NYAHAHAHA!! Thats all :3 byeee
  5. Hello there and welcome to AF!

    If you havn't made a introduction yet you could do one here
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