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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and SuXrys

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  1. The Gorillaz? You mean these people: ???

  2. Not really anyy plans, gonna start on a 4 by 3 ft portrait of the Gorillaz :3
  3. To bad that it is weekend now when you saw that one thought, lol. I guess you have to wait until monday!
    Something fun happening this weekend? Any plans?
  4. Hmmmmm, wonderful idea
  5. aaaaaaw..... well then dear sir we have a problem. cant you borrow someone elses for some minutes or so? Or maybe you can use to copier at school or something like that?
  6. Nah, all I have is a camera phone :/
  7. Dont you have a "normal" camera or something? Or maybe you can use your webcamera?
  8. Idk, my phone just plain sux, I think I need a computor tio upload actual photos, I just wanna put up some pix...
  9. Maybe the picture is to big? What does it say when you are trying to upload it?
  10. I'm getting around the site pretty well thanx for asking :3 only problem is I can't upload pix, boooo :o oh well :3
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