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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and SuXrys

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  1. You think I would've started to hate you if I knew who they were? :o why? Are they such a hated band? Why is that?

    Now I am curious to look them up :3
  2. Thank god ^0^
  3. Well, please don't hate me, but I have no idea who they are xD So I don't think I can hate you for that
  4. Actually, my favorite band is (please dont hate me) Insane Clown Posse....
  5. Are they your favorite band? If so: how come?
  6. Fav song? Hmmm... Probably Dare or 19 2000 :3
  7. hahah how terrible awesome! They were one of my favorites back when I was 'young and fresh' so it makes me kind of happy to hear that they are still playing, since that makes me feel kind of sentimental about this whole thing. ^^ Which are your favorite song? Are they still hiding their true faces?

    I remember this song, I belive it was my fav.
  8. Ohh yeeeaah, they still playing > and I love em!
  9. Hahah yes I do! I used to listen to them alot back when I was a kid. So I most certain know who they are. xD But I didn't knew that they were still playing, are they?
  10. U know, The Gorillaz, the hit animated band :3 I love em sooo muuuuuch!!! X3
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