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Conversation Between Austin Masaki and SuXrys

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  1. I think its worth any trouble I get into :3 mmhmmm
  2. What? Hahahah! xD
    But say, can't you get in trouble for this? :o
  3. It never went down, strangely enough... i mean, the bill was due about a week ago...
  4. He...he.... he...... Hellooo ~~

    Internet up and working again?
  5. Im just poppin' in to say ello :3
  6. Its not a parody of anybody :o
  7. That song was some strange... but it was funny. I have actually have heard it before xD (in a strange kind of way) lol ^_______________^
    Are they suppose to look like clowns? o_O Some parody at KISS?
  8. Mmhmmm, try "the Neden Game" :o although I can't guarantee youll like em
  9. Really? :/ Then it's even more strange that I have never heard of them before..... why are they so hated?

    .... and why do you love that hated band? xD

    I promise: I will look up that band tomorrow (will head to bed soon). Are they on youtube?
  10. Ther most hated band in the world but at the same time, ther most loved :3
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