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Conversation Between illu and SuXrys

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  1. Same here D: ... Just came home from the Univeristy. I had planned to sit there longer but I just came to this point where I felt that "eiter I'll leave now - or I will go bananas and run around in panic aorund in here" (my body litteraly was in panic of been sitting still for too long). Uufff O___x
  2. A lot of school work right now D:......
  3. What are you up to now?
  4. Haha thx ^^
  5. Mhew ~ Well atleast I think you did great. ;D
  6. The signature contest went well. In the end I didn't win but that's okay ^^.
  7. That is understandeble (spelling unknows... :P). How did that signature contest went btw? I think I never asked you about that. (?)
  8. Art is going okay, not as much since school just started
  9. How does the art going?
  10. Oh hi
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